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Safe Nation in Ecuaduor

Safe Nation in Ecuaduor 


Ecuador, a beautiful country lies along the Pacific Ocean, with 16million population and good natural resources, with a strong ambition to increase her economybut Security problem disturb Ecuador government for a long time, they want offer a safe environment for their citizens, also they know it is very necessary to boom their economies.


Tiandy partners offer a whole solution for this beautiful country ,this project last for a long time and called “safety country project” ,applied 300 set TC-NH6218, 2 set TC-R31680,and 10 TC-R3420to offer the best protect to their people, the main junctions are installed Tiandy PTZ to observe the potential crime or on going damages. this is a huge project and part of it have put into operation.


Now a major part of it have put into operation and offer protections for this country , we are happy to see that in 2015,Ecuador’s murder rate reaches historic low point! Tiandy will keep working hard to bring more breakthroughs for security surveillance industries to fulfill our value and task“Vision for the world!”