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Rabati Castle, Georgia

Release time:2020-11-26

Rabati Castle

Akhaltsikhe, Rabati Castle , Georgia

Area: 70,000㎡


Rabati Castle, Georgia is now home to a DLB 5-90n/5-15n surveillance network. With 1440p@25fps over multiple links averaging 1km, Tiandy Georgia says that LigoWave delivers stream stability, low latency & simplifies deployment & maintenance. 


Historical information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabati_Castle

Technical task:Installation of video surveillance systems without damaging the aesthetic beauty of the castle, use of wireless network devices for stable transmission of video stream.

Tiandy CCTV:

TC-NC414 - 10 pic

4MP bullet camera

Average distance between BS and CPE - 1km

Camera video stream parameters:

Resolution - 1440P @25fps

Video Bit Rate - 3 Mbps


Benefits of using LigoWave devices:

Ensuring the transmission of a stable video stream

Zero delay when transmitting a video stream

Resistance to thunderstorms (no metal box)

Modern design and small size

- Easy installation

- User-friendly interface for the end user