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Tiandy Attend ISC WEST 2019 With "Starlight AI"

Release time:2019-04-29

On April 10, 2019, we headed to Las Vegas. where #TeamTiandy# exhibited our latest and greatest innovations at ISC West 2019. Tiandy products are very popular there and more than 400 visitors are attracted to Tiandy booth. The technologies unveilled there including advanced AI technology and latest Super starlight technology. As the pioneer of Starlight and Super starlight technology, this year we upgarded to “Starlight AI” solutions, which is a 24 hours full time AI solution.


Below is the list of new products and technologies.

1. Tiandy Latest NVR

Tiandy NVR have add new value to enable Plug&Play with main manufactures’ cameras, from 4ch to 7ch max, together with Tiandy S+265,saving the cost and reduce the workload of end users.


2. Multi-Sensor Super starlight

Tiandy Multi-sensor Super Starlight 4.0, with the best image quality by TVP technology is the best ever. The double light-channel design is revolutionary.,which makes it possible to capture full color image at deep dark night.


3. AEW technology

Traditional camera can only record what happened, Tiandy AEW technology prevent intrusion, with trigger alarming when intrusion happens and even follows the intruders until he or she leave the zone.  


4. 3 Smart Technology

Smart Coding: Smart detection of motion and static image, saving bandwidth 50% more.

Smart Picture: Make sure important information clear enough, for example people face

Smart Detection: Indoor camera only detects human beings, only human beings move can trigger motion detection to avoid false alarm by animal or flying objects.

5. Face Recognition

With full face recognition solution, Tiandy showed face recognition IPC and NVR for access control, Star product TC-R5105 I/F NVR attracted a lot of curiosity, which is the most economical solution for face recognition, equipped with speaker and mic, help users get the most direct information from face recognition result and can do two-way intercom.