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Tiandy won 7th in the a&s "2022 Global Security 50 Ranking"

Release time:2022-11-14


The "2022 Global Security Top 50 List" released by Frankfurt a&s has arrived on schedule, and Tiandiweiye Technology Co., Ltd. has performed brilliantly as always, ranking 7th in the Global Security Top 10.

With "Vision for the World" as its mission, Tiandy has established a fully-fledged international marketing system and local service organizations overseas to achieve localization, especially the ColorMaker full-color warm light series and Turbo AI series, which are well received by overseas customers. With strong scientific research strength, accurate product positioning, stable marketing network and high quality technical service, Tiandy has won the universal recognition of overseas markets and customers, and its products and technologies have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions worldwide, successfully realizing the transition from "Made in China" to "Made in China". We have successfully achieved from "Made in China" to "Made in China".

Tiandy is once again ranked No. 7 in the "Global Security 50", thanks to the continuous support and help from customers and partners, as well as the hard work of all employees! The company will continue to strengthen the scientific research strength, enrich the product line, to solve the "core needs" as the starting point, to launch more national security competitive products, to open up more possibilities for the industry.

With the rising demand of global security market, China's security is in the leading position in the international market. In such a market opportunity, Tiandy will continue to insist on quality excellence and customer dedication, keep the original intention and mission in mind, steadily improve the independent innovation capability, represent the "Made in China" out of the country and into the world, provide a solid development platform for global partners, and provide a safe and intelligent life for users at home and abroad.