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Tiandy Event Day In Poland

Release time:2022-11-22

      On November 4, at 5 pm, at the Czardasz hotel in Płock, Poland Genway held a gala dinner with the Tiandy company. The Tiandy was represented by William Lee, sales director responsible for the European market.


      After registering guests and handing over gifts, Director of Development, Mr. Janusz Politowski give a presentation during which he answered the question "Why is it worth working with us?", Showed the technological advantages of Tiandy and presented new products for 2023.


      After the official part, there was a gala dinner. The comedian Jakub Poczety, a representative of the stand-up scene, took care of entertainment.

      We would like to thank the participants for their presence, their time and arrival often from distant parts of Poland, as well as for the hours of talks and paying attention to things that need to be refined.


      The event was held with great success!We also thank the entire Genway and Tiandy team for preparing this event.