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Tiandy's "See the World in Panorama” event for Omnidirectional camera in June

Release time:2023-07-03

Tiandy International Centre is launching an omnidirectional camera event in June 2023 with the theme "See the World in Panorama". The aim of the event is to interact with customers around the world and promote the new omnidirectional products to all parts of the world, so that everyone can see the world in panorama together!


The marketing department prepared the wealth of promotional materials for the "See the World in Panorama" event and published the news in advance on social media platforms such as Linkedin. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the event, the marketing staff selected 4 famous local scenic spots in Tianjin, and using omnidirectional camera to finish the real location shooting with the cooperation of technical staff. With the omnidirectional camera's dual vision lens rotating at will, the camera was able to take into account any two different angles of the scene and provide a wider field of view, we were able to showcase the omnidirectional camera in the daytime and at night, and as expected, we were able to reap the stunning results of the omnidirectional camera's left and right, front and back, and top and bottom views.

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Our global customers also ensured that the products were in place prior to the event, demonstrating the features of our affordable omnidirectional camera at various locations around the world and presenting the beauty of the world in a fixed space with maximum visibility.

Let's see the world through the lens of the omnidirectional camera!

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