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Tiandy AK Action is ongoing

Release time:2023-08-17

China's security market has taken the lead in the end of the analog era, but analog  cameras in overseas market also have hundreds of millions per year, the world still has about 50% of the market share. Because of the low cost and simple to use,analog products still occupies important market under the global digital wave.

As the pioneer of China's analog security era, Tiandy has issued the slogan of "AK Action, Analog Killer" to promoting the global security transition from analog to digital.


Through independent research and development, Tiandy has launched AK series new products, which are far superior to analog products in terms of effect and function, and has achieved the ultimate cost control. Surpassing analogue in price and profitability while balancing ease of installation, security and privacy, which has become the "sharp weapon" of Tiandy" to end up anolog era.

Our AK products contain five advantages: Better performance、Full functions、Cost-efficiency、Easier installation and Security.


Firstly, AK series use the most advanced 3DDNR technology, and adopts TVP image processing algorithms which developed by ourselves, which makes better noise reduction, wide dynamic colour reproduction and provides better night images.

Secondly, AK integrated MIC design in one, through a simple network cable, can achieve audio and video recording full of evidence. On the other hand, AK series also supports intelligent alarming. Once there have any abnormality, the system will pushes notices to the background or mobile phone client in time, so that the user can get the information at the first time.

Thirdly, tiandy has always been adhering to the quality, relies on the fully automated production and large-scale manufacturing. AK series achieve the price lower than analog camera, which aims is to enter the analog market and end the analog era.

Fourthly, although the analog camera debugging is simple, the wiring is very complex. AK adopts the full POE solution, wiring is more simple, debugging plug and play, support for remote upgrades and configurations, and really convenient and save time.

Finally, analog signal is not a confidential way at all and analog camera is quite risky in data security. Tandy AK series products can improve dramatically in user and data security management, and support encryption and decryption, which play very important role in protection of user privacy.

Based on the marketing background and the five advantages of our AK products, Tiandy held a successful AK global launch event on 8 August 2023 via LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. During the launch event, we presented the background of the AK action and the five advantages in detail, which were widely disseminated globally via different social media platforms.


We will continue to conduct AK technical training, roadshows, regional launches and other activities around the world, and we look forward to your continued interest in our AK Action! We expect and believe that the change initiated by Tiandy will become a milestone in the global security landscape, and more "Chinese Intelligence" products will come into the vision of global security in the future, bringing smarter, more efficient and safer security applications to the world.