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Tiandy Ranked 7th in the Global Security TOP10 List in 2023

Release time:2023-11-16

Frankfurt a&s releases the "2023 Global Security Top 50 List", and Tiandy Technologies Co., Ltd. is ranked 7th in the global security TOP10 for the second consecutive time. "The security industry slows in 2022 amidst global inflation, geopolitical tensions, and recovery from Covid-19. In addition to the above challenges, the Chinese market is under tremendous pressure from the sluggish real estate market and trade barriers and restrictions set up by the U.S., among other factors, exerting tremendous pressure on domestic manufacturers." Nonetheless, China remains the world's largest market for video surveillance equipment, accounting for 44 per cent of the global market; Chinese manufacturers still occupy four of the Top 10 spots on the list. Tiandy is deeply committed to artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, big data and other technologies, customer-centred, continuous innovation and breakthroughs. Amidst the global market growth slowdown, the overseas market is soaring, with the export volume hitting a new record high.


With "Vision for World" as the mission, Tiandy has 2,500 Chinese and foreign employees, a 1,000-strong research institute at its headquarters, and an R&D centre in Wuhan, forming an R&D system that responds to global customers. We have established a mature international marketing system (OBG) and set up local service organisations overseas. With strong scientific research strength, precise product positioning, a stable marketing network and high-quality technical services, Tiandy has won the general recognition of overseas markets and customers, and its products and technologies have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions worldwide.


In 2023, as the pioneer of China's analog security era, Tiandy shouted the slogan of "Analog Killer" and issued the revolutionary initiative of "AK Action" for the world to promote the comprehensive replacement of global security from analogue to digital. China's security industry is relatively mature in international development. Technology and products are at the most advanced level, with many scenes and applications, and have become the first industry to apply AI technology. We look forward to and believe that in the future, there will be more "China-made" global security vision for the world to bring more intelligent, efficient and safe security applications.

Tiandy has been ranked No. 7 in the "Top 50 Global Security Companies" for the second consecutive year, thanks to the continuous support and trust from our global customers and partners and the hard work of all our staff! The company will continue to consolidate its scientific research strength, accelerate the construction of industrialisation capacity, launch more competitive products and solutions for national security, and provide a safe and intelligent vision for global users.