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Tiandy in 2024 Dubai Intersec

Release time:2024-01-22

A leading trade fair for safety, security and fire protection, Intersec was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) from 16 to 18 January 2024 and was the largest in its history, with the theme "Innovating security tech for a quarter century", more than 45,000 professional visitors from all over the world came to participate in the event. As the seventh largest security manufacturer in the world, Tiandy was invited to represent China Intelligent Security at the exhibition in Dubai.


Tiandy showcased over 100 new products and technologies, including the highly anticipated Polar Day Series, AK Series, and Panoramic Series. The Polar Day Series attracted much attention with its excellent performance and advanced technology, providing users with an outstanding surveillance experience. At the same time, the AK Series demonstrated that as the global security analog killer, Tiandy provides users with safer and more intelligent products and solutions. The new Panoramic series debuted at the Dubai show, further expanding the product lineup to meet users' security surveillance requirements in different scenarios and needs.



Tiandy set up a series of on-site immersive experiences at the show. The Ultra Low Light Darkroom Demonstration of the Polar Day Series attracted the attention of the attendees as always; the IP67 waterproof test of the AK Series demonstrated the stability and reliability of AK quality to the audience. The shocking on-site tests attracted the attention of many professionals and showed Tiandy's confidence in the excellent performance of its products. In addition, the exhibition site also demonstrated the "full-frame tracking of Panoramic PTZ" effect, which the audience highly praised.


 Tiandy became the global audience's focus during the exhibition because of its leading technology and precision quality. Tiandy is looking forward to reaching a consensus and working with international partners to make more remarkable contributions to the further development and progress of the security industry.