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Tiandy's presence at overseas exhibitions

Release time:2024-05-17

Tiandy's Impressive First-Half Global Trade Show Presence

In the first half of 2024, Tiandy has made significant strides in expanding its global footprint by participating in six major international security trade shows. Each event served as a platform to showcase our cutting-edge security solutions and strengthen our brand presence in various markets. Here’s a recap of our key appearances:

Exhibition in Spain :

Tiandy kicked off the year with a successful showing at the Spain Exhibition, where we unveiled our latest security innovations to an enthusiastic audience. Our booth attracted significant attention, highlighting the growing interest in Tiandy's advanced surveillance technology.


Securex Kazakhstan:

At Securex Kazakhstan, one of Central Asia's most influential security exhibitions, Tiandy demonstrated its robust solutions tailored for diverse security needs. The event provided an excellent opportunity to connect with key stakeholders in the region and showcase our commitment to enhancing security infrastructures.


Athens Electronix Expo, Greece:

Recognized as one of the most important security exhibitions in Greece, the Athens Electronix Expo saw Tiandy's customer, G.I. Security, securing the largest booth at the event. Our innovative products, including the latest AK2 series and panoramic cameras, captured the interest of numerous attendees, solidifying our reputation for quality and reliability.


Marking our debut in the Latin American market, the EXPOSEGURIDAD in Mexico was a landmark event for Tiandy. The exhibition allowed us to introduce our comprehensive security solutions to a new audience, fostering strong interest and paving the way for future collaborations.


Exhibition in Russia:

In Russia, Tiandy's participation underscored our technological prowess and market adaptability. The event was a testament to our growing influence and the increasing demand for our sophisticated security products in the Russian market.


SECUREX, Poland:

Concluding the first half of the year, Tiandy made a notable impact at SECUREX in Poland. With three dedicated exhibition areas, we ensured maximum visibility and engagement. The extensive exposure at one of Eastern Europe's largest security exhibitions emphasized our strategic focus on expanding in the region.


Tiandy's active participation in these international trade shows not only showcased our innovative products but also demonstrated our commitment to global market expansion. The overwhelmingly positive feedback and burgeoning interest from key industry players have reinforced our position as a leader in the security technology sector. We look forward to continuing our momentum and engaging with new markets and partners in the second half of the year.