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Super Starlight

Statistics show that 80% of crimes happen at night. To ensure a safe night, Tiandy firstly put forward starlight concept in 2015 and apply the technology to IP cameras, which can capture a colorful and bright picture in the dark scene. Through several years' development,  the technology becomes more and more robust and advanced, up to now the technology can help to capture the moving objects in almost totally dark scene with illumination as low as 0.0004Lux, which is revolutionary and edge-cutting i this industry.

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Due to this breakthrough, Tiandy starlight product is hot sell around the world. the following pictures which captured at night by Tiandy starlight products are the feedbacks from our customers all over the world.

The core technology of Tiandy Starlight and super starlight products is TVP technology, which is uncomparable in this industry. We can provide best image quality in 24 hours. Now TVP4.0 technology is coming, compared with the before generations, camera using this technology with dual-sensor, can take colorful image at almost dark, with more clear image,we believe this breakthrough will bring starlight technology into another era!